The Biking Blogger – The Beginning

The Biking Blogger of Shippan. That’s me. The name was inspired while pedaling my bike. Actually, I had to ride my daughter’s much smaller #Schwinn since my bike had a flat tire. My goal for this blog is a dual purpose: to get some exercise and to fulfill my creative interests by writing about my life’s little moments.



Flower Crush: White Hydrangeas

Back to the bike today. Took a ride this evening after work and saw these gorgeous white hydrangeas.

I am crushing on these white hydrangeas.

This flower, however, continues to elude me.

I tried growing blue hydrangeas one year in my backyard as they reminded me of fun trips to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Not only did they turn PINK, but I overlooked watering my hydrangeas frequently during a hot, dry spell and they wilted and shriviled up into nothing.

The answer cannot be automatic sprinklers.

Share your green thumb tips to grow #hydrangreas.

White Hydrangeas at Twilight


July 4: Are You Ready for Some Baseball?

JULY 4 — Today, I traded in my wheels to watch a Little League 11U Allstars baseball game and to cheer on the entire team. Afterall, baseball is a national U.S. pastime. I can’t think of a better way to spend Independence Day than to watch some baseball.

You say a number, I say 4.


It was a great game. Fantastic team work. Saw a few home runs, some huge outs and a great double play or two. We won by a few runs.

The Infield

july4-allstars-infield-paulette-ryan (1)

Final Score: 11-2.


Go SNLL! Keep working hard and having fun.



July 4th Flags of Shippan

Happy Birthday, America! Time to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate the 4th of July.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of a tradition my husband started by hanging the July 4th flags at the entrance of Shippan. It’s a great way to commemorate the 4th and to make your neighborhood look great.

6:40 a.m: Mr. Ryan loads the flags into our very American car, a #FordEscape. Mrs. Ryan decides to bike later and go along for the ride.

Flags Fit Nicely in Our #FordEscape


6:43 a.m: The flag hanging process starts. The first flag goes up. The entire process takes approximately 10 minutes.

The First Flag is Up


A View of the Flags from the Shippan Point Garden 



6:53 a.m: All the flags are up. The entrance to #ShippanPoint looks very festive. Thanks, Mr. Ryan!

Shippan July 4th Flags Waving in The Breeze


Share how you plan to celebrate the 4th your way.

The Quintessential Summer Treat

All that pedaling, maybe 1/2 a mile around the block, has certainly made me hungry for my favorite summer treat — ice cream in a waffle cone.  Why is that everything tastes better in a waffle cone?


Go ahead DIY your own:

  1. Go to supermarket and buy #Keebler waffle cones (approximately $2.49 per box of 12 in my hood) and a 1/2 gallon of ice cream (approximately $1.99 for #TurkeyHill ice cream). I chose #cookiesandcream today.
  2. Scoop and enjoy this classic summer treat.
  3. Then, don’t even think about how much “biking” you have to do tomorrow to make up for this highly caloric intake.


Until next time…

You Know It’s Summer When…

I am fortunate enough to live in a #coastal community within a sprawling city. Today’s bike ride took me to #shippan point to view the waters of Long Island Sound.


As I continued pedaling on my daughter’s tiny #Schwinn girl’s bicycle, I noticed the most beautiful hydrangeas and tiger lilies every. You know it’s summer when you see these bloom. I truly appreciate the hydrangeas — true water mongers — that are very hard to grow without a steady supply of water.

My Neighbor’s Hydrangea Bush


Granny Ryan’s Hydrangeas


Sarah’s Tiger Lilies 


Until next time…take time out to appreciate the little moments.